Monday, March 14, 2016

Do You Need an Automated Timekeeping System for your Cleaning Business?

As your cleaning business grows and you include staff members, keeping an eye on time sheets and accumulating hours can be a huge headache. If you have simply or staff members a paper time sheet where employees "clock in" and "clock out" for each location they clean might be all that you have to track their hours. However, figuring out data and building up hours from many time sheets can take some time away from other profit-making activities as you burn up your time doing payroll.

There are options readily available to your cleaning company other than working with a full-time accountant. Teleph timekeeping systems are ideal for cleaning business. They permit employees to call from any place they are working at and "clock in" and "clock out" using their staff member pin number and location pin number.

These timekeeping systems have numerous time-saving advantages and functions:

1. Tracks each staff member's time to the minute.

2. Peace of mind that there's no unfaithful, as there can be with a handwritten time sheet.

3. Tracks travel time in between buildings.

4. Caller ID abilities to ensure staff members are calling from the proper area.

5. The ability to leave messages for employees. As soon as they call into the system they receive their messages.

6. Worker scheduling and management.

7. Tracking of absences or late arrivals. The system informs managers with a call to their cell ph or pager.

8. Supervisors can call into the system to see who is clocked into a structure at any offered time.

9. The capability to track by job number along with staff member.

10. Easy method to import payroll information. Hours are immediately included up for you, including travel time. Different files readily available. 2 such automated timekeeping systems are: Express Time from A.

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